Welcome to Port Washington, Wisconsin.

The Port Washington Business Improvement District represents the retailers, restaurants and service businesses located in downtown Port Washington, Wisconsin. Working as a liaison to local government, the BID acts as a communication link between its Board of Directors and business located within the geographic district.

The focus of the Port Washington Business Improvement District ("BID") is to create and execute downtown promotions in order to build awareness of the variety of businesses, specialty retail stores, fine dining establishments and other hospitality related resources available to both residents as well as visitors.

Nestled along the Eastern Shore of Lake Michigan, Port Washington is located only 35 miles north of Milwaukee, and just two hours from Chicago. The popular means of arriving in Port Washington is by automobile, however, its state-of- the-art, and bustling marina offers a destination for both fishing and pleasure craft of all kind.

North Franklin Street, the main thoroughfare of downtown is part of the State of Wisconsin scenic highway system (Highway 32). The downtown area has recently been added to the National Register of Historic Places and its fascinating medley of architectural delights, allows a peek into the rich past of its notable history.

Since its founding in 1835, Port Washington, has remained a leader in the evolution of various industries, including commercial fishing, lumber, manufacturing, small family-operated operations and much more. Port Washington has felt the change in the way business is conducted, and has held its own through the last 160 years.

With the many positive developmental initiatives in the area, downtown Port Washington is feeling the revitalization of its once "boom town" years when the famous Chair Company employed as much as 1/6th the total population of Ozaukee County.

The romantic, picturesque area, fine housing and schools, and proximity to highway systems, there are many benefits for setting up shop in "Port."

Whether you have a "dream" shop in mind, or desire to bring an entire service industry firm the area, the Business Improvement District is here to assist you. From consultation of location or type of businesses desired by the community, to providing insight into business funding resources, you can rest assured you'll receive the most up-to-date information.

The future is bright and the Business Improvement District encourages strategic, well thought out change and growth for the City. Enterprises already operating in the district deserve a sincere thank you for keeping downtown Port Washington alive and thriving.